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My primary concern with autonomous vehicles is crime and abuse. People are going to vandalize, damage, destroy, and salvage these vehicles. There's already little being done about this in manned vehicles, so what's going to be done for unmanned vehicles?

USPS mail trucks sit on city streets unattended every day while the carrier walks house to house, leaving the truck chock full of people's paychecks, Amazon boxes, money orders, credit cards, and tons of valuables. And they don't get stolen or robbed often enough for USPS to do anything about it.

There are plenty of ways for criminals to commit super easy crimes without autonomous vehicles being in the mix, but somehow society continues to function.

Vandalizing mail service trucks carries quite a bigger punishment than Philadelphia citizens destroying an autonomous robot (which happened some time ago), in fairness. People know not to screw with the Postmaster General.

That's because the delivery person isn't far away so there's a decent risk of getting caught. If you know nobody is coming to save the robot for 20 minutes...

If they're deployed in areas with continuous LTE coverage, robust anti-tamper measures are entirely feasible. Cameras (which most autonomous vehicles have for perception) will witness and record the crime (and should be able to upload the footage in near-real-time).

Stealing an unmanned vehicle-- and getting away with it-- should be very difficult.

We've got one of these that roam around our corporate campus: https://www.knightscope.com/knightscope-k5/

Visitors like to walk up and take selfies with it, but no one messes with the thing because it's uploading 360 HD footage to some control center somewhere.

Some drunk guy tackled the one that roams the company that makes thems parking lot. He was promptly arrested based on all the excellent, well lit HD footage of his whole run up and contact with the robot.

Glitter bombs and fart spray.

> Stealing an unmanned vehicle-- and getting away with it-- should be very difficult.

As witnessed by the difficulty people have dealing with package thieves, "getting caught doing it" is unfortunately different from "not getting away with it", even when 'it' is illegal.

We've already got unmanned vehicles all over the place - in parking spots. Surely they'd be easier targets for vandalism etc. than a moving unmanned vehicle with a bunch of cameras recording?

There are 100 million non autonomous cars which do get vandalized, damaged, destroyed, and salvaged, but not at a rate which has obviated the concept.

Probably the same as in any dystopian book.

Sentry guns on top or inside.

Are regular ride-sharing cars vandalized and parts stolen off of them? I see lots of Reach One BMWs and Mercedes parked on the streets. Car To Gos, etc. Not sure this will really be any different.

Damaging automated infrastructure will reduce your social credit score. You won't be able to get into the automated convenience store. Won't be able to buy a plane ticket or a high-speed rail ticket. Won't be able to get a loan. Won't be able to get into a good school. Won't be able to get a vehicle license for a congested area.

All this is operational now in parts of China. They've finally figured out how to automate karma.

Looks freaky, which is part of the UPS truck model. No used market, no willingness by the owner to buy used parts.

They could still make it too easy to vandalize on a whim, but AFA theft, it is probably better than owning a Toyota.

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