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This is just depressing. Here on HN and elsewhere, I often see people wondering why Amazon isn’t cracking down on obviously fake reviews, and it seems like at least part of the problem is a lot of those fake reviews are false flags to get a competitor shut down. So Amazon can’t just nuke them from orbit. I understand the motivation... but I’m still stuck unable to find any useful reviews.

Are we ever going to have a review system on the internet that isn’t gamed to the point of uselessness? I’m beginning to seriously doubt it.

Couldn't Amazon just require all reviews to be Verified? That would at least cost a competitor a little bit of money in buying their competitors product...

They already found a way around that one: https://www.businessinsider.com/people-receiving-amazon-pack...

tl;dr: They pick an address, order their own products, ship junk in its place (cheap goods or even just bricks), and leave a verified review.

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