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Especially when you compare overall tobacco and tobacco derivative consumption across time. Simply put, the overall rate of tobacco and nicotine consumption now is significantly lower than 20 years ago, which was significantly lower than 20 years prior, which was significantly lower than 20 years prior, which was... well you get the idea.


Well, this was due to the fact that the dangers were recognized when adoption was already widespread and, as you mention, dozens and dozens of years of PSAs, bans and medical consulting were necessary to lower consumption rates.

Maybe this time it would make sense to start this process sooner?

I think we largely already have. If something is legal in society, there is always going to be some rate of individuals interested in participating. At some point, if you want the government to nanny over you and make your choices for your, just possessing the substance illegal. Otherwise, warn people of its ills, then let them choose.

The references go way back! (Also applies to your user name. Actually, if I press on that link, I get a blank page.)

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