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The coolest way to generate binary strings (2013) [pdf] (researchgate.net)
34 points by espeed 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

The link appears to go to the ResearchGate landing page, not to a PDF, despite the "[pdf]" in the title.

When I hit the page it auto-downloaded a PDF

I've heard the term "title gore" apply to titles -- this is "abstract gore". The abstract reads like a Reddit comment. Might also want a [2013] by this.

I liked the abstract though: I felt like I understood the content of the paper without having to read the abstract multiple times.

The worst thing about the abstract is that it looks like it was cut-and-pasted with no attention to formatting (which maybe it was: does ResearchGate just generate it automatically?). The reference to "all 2n binary strings of length n" is disconcerting until one realises what happened.

Abstracts written in "academicese" are the real abstract gore. This could stand to be improved, but it's relatively clear and straightforward.

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