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Sure. Do everything via Tor, using Whonix to avoid leaks. Hit Tor through nested VPN chains. Buy some Bitcoin, and then mix two or three times. Use a different Whonix instance for each mixing step, and a different mixing service.

Then lease your VPS. And if it really matters, you can daisy chain VPS via Tor .onion SSH.[0]

0) https://www.ivpn.net/privacy-guides/onion-ssh-hosts-for-logi...

> Buy some Bitcoin, and then mix two or three times.

Simply exchange them to Monero. If you want, mix them, but only a single pass is needed. A mixer is a trusted 3rd-party, which introduces serious counterparty risk, and vulnerable to multiple forms to input-output correlation attacks, in the worst case, provides no security.

If you are paranoid, create multiple Monero wallets, and send the funds back and forth, each time with a randint(1, 100) hours delay to frustrate timing analysis. Please note that you should only run full node Monero, and must run it inside Whonix, otherwise, the unencrypted Monero traffic is exposed. The situation of P2P-level encryption of the entire cryptocurrency world is a disaster, almost all traffic is clear.

Ring-CT is possibly not the best cryptographic implementation of transaction anonymity, but currently the best practical implementation available. CoinJoin is a P2P version of mixer, but has no wide deployment, zn-SNARKs involves cutting-edge cryptography and provides 80-bit security (read, not confident), but 90% of Zcash transactions are clear transactions, makes private transactions vulnerable.

Or, once GNU/Taler is available, making an anonymous payment would be as easy as using PayPal.

Thanks. Gotta start using Monero, I guess. It's still no where near as widely accepted as Bitcoin. But you can just convert, as the final step.

[...] Then lease your VPS

... With a credit card (which of course has your name on it), since AFAIK the providers tend to only accept bitcoin for established accounts.

No, of course not. I've found lots of VPS providers who accept Bitcoin. Just search a while, and you'll find them. Some of them have rather "unsavory" reputations, I admit. And you want to avoid the ones that charge a huge premium for being "bulletproof".

Vultr is good and cheap. You have to use a disposable visa gift card for your first $20 payment, but affer that bitcoin payment is enabled. the best visa cards are the $500 ones from simon malls-- 2.99$ activation fee and no ongoing or expiration fees. pay cash.

Also good:

Cockbox (Bitcoin and Monero) at https://cockbox.org/

HostSailor (cards, transfers, Bitcoin, etc) at https://hostsailor.com/

Pulse Servers https://www.pulseservers.com/

Trilight Zone (cards, transfers, Bitcoin, etc) at https://www.trilightzone.org/

VPS.BG (PayPal, Bitcoin, etc) at https://www.vps.bg/en

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