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I remember the perl4 to perl5 transition. I had some perl4 code I wrote to automate runs of my code. Porting it to perl5 made me grumble a little, but it was mostly very minor changes. About an hour of work for all my code.

But, yeah ... CPAN, and C-TAN, are things to behold. Python hasn't done a great/good job with this. Npm is just plain awful. Julia's Pkg was good in the 0.6.x days ... seems to be borked now, though this may be due to the 0.6 -> 1.0 transition.

For me, Perl is my go-to scripting language. I've written some pretty intensive apps in it, which would be horrifying in other languages. It has (many) warts, though packaging isn't one of them.

I am looking at using Julia for scripting in places where I'd ordinarily use Perl ... mostly data clean up. This noted, it is very hard to beat Perl in munging data. R comes close, but writing parsers in it is hard.

Perl6 aka Rakudo is very interesting to me. Addresses many of the issues I've had with Perl in the past, and gives some truly incredible power going forward. Adoption appears to be low and slow right now. I don't actually have time to play with it now, as I've got other higher priority issues to deal with.

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