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Scrapino – Self-sustainable robot from e-scrap using renewable energy [pdf] (sciencedirect.com)
18 points by watchdogtimer 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

How is this a paper?


- Industrial robots are important and also expensive.

- Wouldn't it be cool if they were made from e-scrap? We suggest attaching a solar panel for extra joy!

- <Bunch of buzzwords around learning and community and end-of-life management.>

- Look at those toy robots made from scrap! (And look, there's also a Dalek that can poop!)

- Let's do what every hobbyist in every hackerspace has been doing daily for near a decade now: take an Arduino, a bunch of random leftover components, and make a "robot" with servos and ultrasound range finders.

- Conclusion: (industrial) robots are important and expensive, but our (Arduino kitbashing) robot shows the way for building them in a more responsible fashion. It also shows how a bottom-up approach to e-scrap could work.

Add spelling & formatting errors to the mix. Flagged for extremely low SNR.

Agreed. This method of sustainable robots is generally not very good en mass. It's good for a hackaday post, but try making 100 of these. Before this is a possibility, we need robots that are able to self-model and hence understand the relationship between sensors and actuators correctly.

Even 3D printing a robot on the same 3D printer, with the same calibrated parts from manufacturers, with the same software - _still_ requires calibration. The more complicated the robot, the more the errors accumulate.

As for the quality of the paper - I completely blame the journal (who are ultimately responsible for the actions of the reviewers) as this should have been caught earlier. I can understand authors rushing to produce a paper not in their own language, but the profit machine journals need to take more responsibility for what they publish.

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