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kemo 1260 days ago | link | parent

kohana 3 is more like RoR for PHP, CI is like RoR for PHP4 :)

ErrantX 1260 days ago | link

Seconded, Kohana really wipes the floor with CI nowadays (this from someone still forced to maintain a couple of CI-based sites...) :P


kaylarose 1260 days ago | link

I like Kohana much more than CI, if only for tossing PHP4 support.

However, but I've found that there is lots of fragmenting in the community/documentation. See the differences between 2.3.4 -> 2.4 (lots of breaking changes) -> 3.0 (almost entirely different framework). Which is kind of a bummer when using it for long-life projects (we have a few projects are stuck on 2.3.4).

That said - Symfony 2.0 looks fantastic, and very much like the next "Rails-like" PHP framework.


BBonifield 1259 days ago | link

Exactly the same story here. Our primary product is stuck on Kohana 2.3.4 because of the lack of care that the Kohana team put into backwards compatibility. I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to essentially rewrite things again in the future either. If I could go back in time, I'd pick something else.


kemo 1259 days ago | link

Kohana 2 was "just a php5 fork of CI", while Kohana 3 is practically a whole new framework. The "problem" is that Kohana team doesn't like handicaping new versions for sake of complete backward compatibility.

They just make the framework better with every new version, although in case of Ko3 minor versions are backward compatible (for example 3.0.8 with 3.0.1., but 3.1.0 will not be, at least concerning the response object and the ORM logics).


kaylarose 1259 days ago | link

Yep. We are in exactly the same situation. Even moving to 2.4 looks to be a pain. The only brightside is that it's not THAT big of a framework, so patching it is not too bad. But still...


michaelhart 1259 days ago | link

that's exactly why I'll never use Kohana. I will have to look more into Symfony, however, before I can accurately compare.


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