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The fire that has been burning for 56 years (wikipedia.org)
12 points by trollied on Dec 13, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 5 comments

If you want to go down the "perpetually burning fires" rabbit hole I suggest reading up on the "Gates of Hell" in Turkmenistan


> The Centralia mine fire also extended beneath the town of Byrnesville, a few miles to the south.

What an ironic chain of events to happen to a place called Byrnesville.

Centralia is also the name of a NYC improv group, which I only mention because it evolved out of a group from the 90s called Burn Manhattan.

No mention of using that burning as an energie source, since it is burning anyway, better make use of it, otherwise it is double bad.

There is coal mine fire in India burning since more than 100 years.

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