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Loki is design to compliment Prometheus; as such we envisage you using Prometheus metrics to isolate the service and time range exhibiting the anomalous behaviour (by looking at latency and error metrics, for instance) and then "pivot" to Loki to see that logs. As Loki uses the same label metadata as Prometheus, that pivot is automatic and almost "magic" - showing you the relevant logs for a given PromQL query.

Grafana is offering a logging UI for Loki in the upcoming v6 release called Explore; you can enable it on the master builds right now, see https://grafana.com/blog/2018/09/21/grafanas-explore-ui-taki...). It makes is super easy to start exploring and sifting through your logs.

Also, Loki allows you to push regexp matches server side, so you can distribute the "grep" among multiple machines for extra points :-)

Thanks, makes sense. Seems like a great idea, kudos!

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