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Life-changer. I read the book based on this series [1] when I was progressing from doodling / being mostly unaware of visual art to being interested in (seeing and making) visual art. I've never looked back.

In the book, the image quality in it is low so I recommend watching the TV series as linked

[1] https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/014103579X/ref=asc_df_014103579X...

It's weird that such a big book hasn't had a upgraded version, the pictures are all super low red b&w iirc?

That being said, the book is such a quick read I think a person could afford to both read the book and watch the show.

Apparently this is the #1 best seller in "Massage Techniques".

Haha just seen that. Amazon need a bit of help with their categorisation, unless I've forgotten an important part of the book...

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