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Overall I read a mix of some sci-fi, business type books, and a little Clancy mixed in.

1. Fear - Bob Woodward (did not actually get too far before dropping it)

2. Radical Candor - Kim Malone Scott (interesting)

3. Black & Decker Complete Guide to Wiring (VERY helpful during my home renovation, did most of my electrical)

4. Pitch Perfect - Bill McGowan (helpful for communication)

5. Quantum Thief/Fractal Price/Causal Angel [Jean le Flambeur series] - Hannu Rajaniemi (I enjoyed the first book in this trilogy the best, the third was too difficult for me to understand! Very hard Sci-fi)

6. Lord of the Rings - JRR Tolkien (enjoyed the audio production from BBC radio)

7. The Paper Menagerie and Other Stories - Ken Liu (enjoyed several of the short stories very much)

8. Revelation Space/Chasm City/Redemption Ark/Absolution Gap - Alastair Reynolds (love the series but it is long!)

9. Executive Orders - Tom Clancy (not my favorite Clancy book but still fun)

10. Rainbow Six - Tom Clancy (also not my favorite Clancy book, a little more fun than Executive Orders though)

While waiting for the next Game of Thrones book I picked up a few new series that I really enjoyed! I hope to get a few new suggestions out of this list.

The Expanse - James Corey

Revelation Space - Alastair Reynolds

Broken Earth - NK Jemisin

Three Body Problem - Liu Cixin (translated: Ken Liu)

> Three Body Problem - Ken Liu

This isn't entirely wrong, but it's written by Liu Cixin in Chinese originally. Ken Liu is the translator. I haven't read it yet, but I'm looking foward to it. Stories in "Paper Menagerie" convinced me that he could skillfully deliver different kinds of stories in different voices - and good translators need that.

whoops, thanks for that. I want to make sure I get that correct! I am happy to see that series on this thread a few times though, it is great!

I also read Revelation Space this year. I liked it, but it definitely felt like it dragged on. Maybe because it has fairly long chapters. I feel like shorter chapters help me get through a book faster because I usually do most of my reading on my lunch break, and I hate having to leave off in the middle of a chapter.

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