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    - Complete Hyperion Cantos (incl. Endymion series)
    - Bad Blood (Still churning through)
Hyperion is a 2500 page behemoth and took most of my year, however most of the things written in the book are not sci-fi, and overall the book is very enlightening. Still digesting the stuff in my brain.

Bad Blood is a fascinating read. I'm still in the first quarter, and with this density, the events are well simply amazing to put it lightly.

LibraryThing reports 854 editions of books identified by "Bad Blood". Please add at least the author's name to make life easier for people who want to check your suggestions.

(I am not picking out specifically you, I had similar problems with whoever suggested "Code" above, and I am sure more will be found in the rest of the thread...)

You're right. I've written that comment haphazardly and quickly, and forgot the authors of both books. Someone (like me) can archive this thread and get confused later. Worse he/she wouldn't be abe to find the intended books.

Hyperion Cantos is written by Dan Simmons. It's 4.5 books.

  - Hyperion
  - The Fall of Hyperion
  - Endymion
  - The Rise of Endymion
  - Orphans of the Helix (a novella in the same universe)
Bad Blood is written by John Carreyrou. It tells the story of Theranos' rise and fall & everything in between.

You're probably being downvoted because more than a dozen comments on this thread mention Bad Blood (including the author), which was a bestseller this year and has been widely described and discussed across popular media. It's pretty easy to guess that the person you're replying to probably meant that.

a) As I specifically mentioned, "Bad Blood" is not the only title with this problem. Also, what if in this case we were talking of one of the dozens other books with "Bad Blood" in the title?

b) It is a bit sloppy to just throw out a title hoping that someone else in the thread will do a better job.

c) Unless we are talking of extremely well-known books (Dune? The Mythical Man Month?) I think it is better to always provide the author: to give an example, I personally dislike Tom Clancy, so if I see "Title-I-Am-Not-Familiar-With-Because-I-Am-Far-From-Being-A-Clancy-Completist, by Tom Clancy" I will just pass, while "Obscure-Title-I-Cannot-Recognize-Because-I-Read-It-In-Translation, by Jack Vance" would be enough to make me work a little to find out more.

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