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A tale of 132 e's (linuxwit.ch)
122 points by smpetrey on Dec 11, 2018 | hide | past | favorite | 33 comments

I loosely followed this after seeing the repo. Once it was taken down I made an organization and repo in honor of it: https://github.com/Ifyoudonotwantpeopleusingthemaximumchar/a...

e38e had become much like https://github.com/jezen/is-thirteen or https://github.com/jackdclark/five in my opinion. Except instead of being a silly NPM package it was a silly Rosetta Stone of programs that returned "e" in some way. The only difference was the ridiculous name that used the full character limit.

The Conway's Game of Life mentioned at the bottom of this blog was a thing of beauty, so I hope the creator is able to get an archive and recover it.

E: Turns out the Repo is back up. So here's Conways Game of E: https://github.com/eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee/eeeeeeee...

I would love to see an animated version of the GoL version, perhaps in one of the browser-based simulators? I don't know how to work with .rle files though.

I recorded 30 seconds of it from an online Golly [0] for you: https://kimiwo.aishitei.ru/i/Yx0hEmgDapyLLoyx.webm

[0] http://golly.sourceforge.net/webapp/golly.html

Thank you!

> jackdclark/five

I would have liked DaveClark/Five.

Incredibly disappointing response by GitHub support. Making up a bullshit limit that is clearly not the least bit based on reality given the massive number of projects that violate it.

> “We’d ask that you limit the organization and repository names to 10 characters each for now.” - GitHub support https://linuxwit.ch/assets/github-email-3.txt

10 characters each is a depressingly low limit. Many usernames and project names exceed it with no problems. Imposing such a nonsensical sanction on someone for lighthearted fun also seems... odd, to say the least.

>To: iliana weller <ilianaw@buttslol.net>

> I then did the most chaotic neutral thing I could and created the longest possible repository name.

This sentence just made my day. Thanks for posting.

Can a Lawful Evil character infiltrate somewhere and pose as Chaotic Neutral?

I'd like to design an RPG where some stats can become alignments. This would be just to have people identify their characters as Chaotic Stupid or Lawful Clumsy.

The HN title should be changed to "eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee".

Many people may not know that in the olden days, a disk was formatted with all bytes in all sectors set to hexadecimal E5 (11100101). When dumped, or looked at with a hex/ASCII editor, the E5 was displayed as 'e' because nobody cared about extended ASCII back then (and Unicode did not yet exist). So to me, a Github repo name with all 'e's is a pretty cool thing.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that 132 characters was the most you could print on a single line of a line-printer back before laser printers were invented...

It's pretty puzzling that somehow this repo became polarizing. It seems entirely harmless and silly.

Have you met programmers?

There are always trolls out there for everything. Maybe their own lives aren't going well and they get some sort of consolation in attacking others etc.

The GitHub support response makes me incredibly sad. Programming is supposed to fun.

have you looked at any legacy code bases lately? ;-)

The origin of the letter "e" might be helpful in the interpretation of this event: http://www.templestudy.com/2008/02/17/the-origin-of-the-lett...

I think the most interesting part, that I don't fully understand as yet, is that it cannot be cloned, apparently, but people are making pull requests, so they must be using lower level mechanisms to achieve it.

Two ways:

1) edit a file using the web interface, creating a PR in the process (assuming you don’t have write privs to the repo) 2) fork the repo to your own user account but use a shorter name for your fork, clone your copy and make a PR the usual way

Both of these work - you just can’t clone the original e98e repo directly.

presumably through the web interface

There should be another such account, but pirate themed and based on "r"

I’m eeeeeeeeeestatic its back up


Eeeee ee eeeeeee eee Eeeeeee Eeeeeee! E eeeee!!!

This is some heavy-handed testing & I love it. I think it's an instant classic.

aww, thought this was going to be a story about 132 molly adventures! maybe not the right forum..

> Someone asked “what it is supposed to represent that an employee of a large company is making such a garbage repository” as if my employment at a massive dystopian megacorporation quickly taking over the world has anything to do with this.

That if you were an intelligent person, you could in the past be a doctor or a lawyer and also a philosopher. But nowadays, all the intelligent people working for Amazon and Google think they have philosophizing opinions.

But unlike past professional disciplines, computer science, I.T. and STEM stuff is actually so removed from society, that these people have nothing really valuable to add to the daily conversation in society at all. So instead, they engage in the massive production of one-dimensional "hot take" content, broadly called "Irony" or "weird Internet." This provides the facade of meaning to their otherwise obviously finance and prestige driven lives.

Generalizing to a whole group is just dumb. Not everybody who works for a big company is the same not to mention the myriad of people who tend to not want to work for Amazon and Google etc.

How can they be finance and prestige driven when their Twitters are full of snarky comments about how capitalism is to blame for everything? Are you implying that ironic humor is somehow used as a salve for cognitive dissonance?

Never ever happens!

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