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Tiling and window managers are exactly what inspired Patchworks!

It is possible that Wandercode may be released to the public in the near future. It is an Atom plugin in working state, it just needs some fixing up on how it generates the call graph to make the recommendations. Stay tuned!

I'm particularly interested in trying out Wandercode. What's a good way for me to follow its development?

Wandercode looks very similar to an idea I had for navigation while working on a task that was 100% code review and comprehension. I wanted similar graph displays for inheritance, and data flow through variables. I envisioned all of this displayed together in a large window, basically with multiple DAGs overlaid on each other in different colors. Now, seeing Wandercode, I imagine a handful of small, "localized" displays, focused on a selected function/class/variable. Any thoughts on that? Or are function calls more interesting for you?

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