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Author here. This is my dissertation that I completed back in July. I'm happy to answer questions!

To summarize the dissertation a bit:

Developers spend a lot of time and effort navigating code. I designed three tools for code editors to help with this: (1) Patchworks for navigating among your already opened code documents, (2) Yestercode for viewing previous versions of a code document, and (3) Wandercode for exploring code based on structural relationships. These tool designs were influenced by several empirical studies that I collaborated on regarding how developers seek information in code.

For each tool I evaluated them with a lab study (two for Patchworks) to measure their affect on things like task time, task success, cognitive load, developers' opinions of the tool, and qualitative observations of how people used them.

In the future I would really like to release them to the public as VS Code or Atom plugins.

Thanks a lot for providing this summary.

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