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The First Baltimore Hackathon (baltimorehackathon.com)
50 points by mattyfo on Nov 3, 2010 | hide | past | web | favorite | 30 comments

This is exciting -- I recently moved to Baltimore from Chicago, where there is a thriving startup and hacker culture (see ORD Camp, for example). Good to see that with this and events like Ignite and Node there is a lot going on for geeks in Charm City.

Are any Baltimore Pythonistas interested in starting a Python users group in the city? I know there is one in the suburbs but I for one would rather have one where I live.

I don't know about Baltimore Pythonistas, but there are plenty in DC. We have a meetup the first Tuesday of every month. It's a little far from Baltimore, but we have some speakers that, IMO, is worth the trip.


I'm a Python programmer near Baltimore. Where is the user group in the suburbs? I might join a Baltimore user group especially if it met on weekends. Weeknights are tough for me.

It's called the BACON-PIG http://pangalactic.us/bacon-pig/ It's in Greenbelt.

The Washington area and the greater Mid-Atlantic region has enough startups and related events to keep you busy. Check out http://www.socialmatchbox.com for information, and check http://www.dctechevents.com for events.

I live in Mt Vernon and as DC and Greenbelt aren't especially convenient for me, I'd be willing to meet with some fellow pythonistas if anyone is interested.

Working remotely, I also spend a few hours at City Cafe most days if anyone just wants to sit with another coder while working...

Follow @CoworkCharles on Twitter - there is a group that coworks at least once a week. We meet up at Bohemian Coffee House, Koffee Therapy, Caribou Coffee, and last night on the way back from a Baltimore startup happy hour we were talking about City Cafe as we passed by it so probably there next. We had two python guys, several Ruby on Rails guys and a PHP guy there the last time.

do you know about the Beehive in Canton? It's a coworking space you might really like, lots of hackers work there remotely http://beehivebaltimore.org/

No, I'll definitely check that out.

tvon, if you live in Mount Vernon, you should try and check out http://www.twitter.com/CoworkCharles as well. It's a bunch of techies getting together to cowork at coffeeshops with free wifi along Charles Street, happens about once a week.

The more the merrier!


Come swing by the Node one of these Thursdays, we're normally open at 7:30pm and in there working all sorts of projects until we head over to Joe^2 for drinks. We love company :)

we're trying really hard here to get people to come out and build who haven't attended any of the more "social" startup events in DC and Baltimore. All are welcome!

You might not expect it, but Baltimore has an awesome tech scene – lots of cool people interested in making stuff happen.

It could use better publicity though. I've been here my whole life, and it's far too easy to get the impression that Baltimore is just a satellite to the fed contracting epicenter in DC. That's why I'm so stoked about this event! I'll be there for sure.


You may want to follow the tech in Baltimore google group as it was created to help over come this problem. The idea is to help connect the tech circle, check it out. http://groups.google.com/group/techinbaltimore

That's exactly why we're doing this :-)

How about a worldvirtualhackathon so I can participate from Toronto!

Also, a list of hackathons that you could probably add to:


ooh thanks, will add to that

I would find interesting something related. Creating a platform for defining the next stage of an idea and how to code it in software. A collaborative remote project.

There is an apostrophe in that link that HN is apparently stripping out. Just go the the front page of the wiki and you'll see the link.

Will people get matched up with groups when they show up? I have two problems: I don't know anyone going, and I don't have any ideas for a project ...

I believe people will be matched up with groups if they desire, and present their ideas at the start.

Also there's an ideas wiki at http://baltimorehackathon.pbworks.com/w/page/Heres-my-idea ... it's pretty sparse right now but maybe people will throw some ideas up there.

yes! That's the main point of this. At opening ceremonies we will work to help people form teams. You don't even have to have an idea yet.

Extraordinarily glad to see this in Baltimore since I was worried I'd never run into this community around town. Sadly, also really busy that weekend.

sorry we will miss you -- this site is a good place to get connected: http://startupbaltimore.org/ Also check out our google group: http://groups.google.com/group/techinbaltimore?lnk=srg

I'd love to come but I'll be attending an open source sprint on that Saturday: http://meetup.zpugdc.org/calendar/15036971/

But I'd definitely come to the next one. I hope it's a huge success so there will be more in the future.

thanks! We are also working on a Startup Weekend next year that this is intended to feed into...

This is going to be an awesome event!

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