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These people are really funny. Especially the old german manufacturers are so so similar to Nokia's leadership. Tesla is not some kind of a new car. It is not even a car in consumer's perspective! It's a gadget. A very expensive gadget but still a gadget.

Tesla is what iPhone was to Nokia/Symbians. Tesla is so much ahead in the markets where it matters that the traditional car manufacturers should really be scared. They are good at making cars that's undeniable truth but are they good enough to produce gadgets ?

The car of tomorrow is the new iphone. The traditional middle class dudes are dying out, the ones that will be able to afford cars at this price point will rarely shop traditional cars with shitty infotainments and no ecosystem.

The reality is that the closest ones getting to a Tesla level will be the ones understanding the market. The chinese will surely get it right as they can do things on their domestic market others cant and the Koreans have Samsung that will help them out.

The rest of the world can only try but will slowly fade into irrelevance.

> Especially the old german manufacturers are so so similar to Nokia's leadership

no coincidence.

one of Nokia's major R&D sites is in Ulm Germany (well where Siemens used to be until the merger). BMW & Continental have created R&D sites around 3 mins walk from the Nokia offices and absorbed hundreds of ex Siemens (ex Nokia) staff during the time that Nokia merged with Siemens and laid off a lot of staff.

I don't think you understand what went wrong with Nokia and what got iPhone to Win out in the first place.

And it wasn't because iPhone was a gadget and others were just phones.

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