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> One of the pros/cons of capitalism is that companies and workers will fight policies that make them less money. The Holy Grail for any capitalist policy is something that does the right thing and makes money.

I am really sympathetic to this idea but I think there's a bit of a underlying assumption here -- this requires _rational actors_. This isn't always the case. For example, racial or gender hiring discrimination happens, but it's irrational, since artificially shrinking a hiring pool can lead companies to miss out on great candidates that would have led to greater profits.

Frankly I think the world would be a better place if "the market is rational" but I don't see a lot of strong historical evidence for that. It would be a lot easier to create policies to shape behavior in positive ways if that were the case.

I certainly don't disagree that addressing climate change will be impossible until there's a Holy Grail solution, but I'm skeptical that it would adopted quickly or by everyone.

> If we can align policy with both interests I think we can make serious progress.

Agreed 100%

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