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I agree. Technology always makes progress, so it is inevitable that clean energy will be dominant in the future. The question is whether that will be too little too late.

> gasoline cars will be worthless scrap heaps over night

This is true if the market is allowed to operate freely — “free” should not be confused with “unregulated.” Unfortunately, when it comes to energy in the US, the market is cleverly controlled to push the inevitable rise of clean energy back several decades. It has been this way for a while now. The regulation here might seem heavy handed, but that’s the kind of push that clean energy needs to win the uphill battle it’s fighting. If we hadn’t rigged the market for so long, then the natural progress of technology would have addressed climate change in time. But now we’ve waited to long, and we need hard hitting policies to peddle back the pace of the damage.

> It feels like a fight and will disrupt many lives, and it doesn’t need to be that way.

This is where you won me back over. The truth is that it is a fight. But it is important to note for those of us who want to address climate change that how we fight is important. Unlike some other markets, we haven’t really had the opportunity as a country to see what a regulated, climate-focused market looks like. So, if we push some policies that take away jobs from people who have been working in coal mines their entire lives, then that’s going to be the headline. Everyone for so long has been saying that clean energy is too radical, and it will kill the economy. We have the opportunity to implement a comprehensive plan for a gradual transition. Bring clean technology to the forefront while helping those that will suffer to slowly transition into retirement. If we can address climate change, create a new sector of jobs, and let an old market die gracefully, then the naysayers will have nothing of substance to complain about.

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