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> Everyone wants to protect the environment. But I watch out for two important costs: economic, and centralization of power... I prefer a decentralized approach. People nearly always underestimate the rate of technological change. Solar panels, battery tech, and electric cars are a winning combination...

You do realize that these technologies you tout have all benefitted from serious, centralized subsidy and incentive programs from major economies like EU, China, and the USA, right?

Similarly oil, coal, cars, etc benefitted from those same subsidies in their turn.

Even though millions of people making local choices is the way to make macro changes, those choices are sensibly based on local, short-term criteria. If you think there's an externality not overt at the point of use, you need a large centealized solution to change it.

Even the markets for purely consumer products like, say, the VCR were unlocked by crucial central policies like refusing to kowtow to music/Hollywood in the 1970s and 80s. Mobile phones boomed in the 1990s...except in the US where the government was uninterested in making the policies that unlocked those markets. Credit card infrastructure in the US is primitive because the clearing cartels aren't interested in fixing things....while their entire business would not exit had the government not mandated certain rules on card acceptance, cash discounts, and locus liability back in the 1960s.


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