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> The single most crucial aspect of the Green New Deal is its proposed job guarantee, a controversial policy that says that every American can have a job with the government if they want one. Data for Progress, a leftist advocacy group, claims that the Green New Deal could generate 10 million new jobs across the country over 10 years.

Let's deal with Climate Change by implementing socialism. Yes, I'm sure that will work. Reminds me of the regexp joke. Have a problem? Use a regexp! Now two problems.

We already have socialism, we are just in denial. Social security, taxes to cover job losses. We have a crappy socialism that doesn't protect people well, but that's what we are.

The "capitalism" approach - cap-and-trade - didn't work because Republicans on Congress successfully opposed it and some people were concerned about economic impact. So the end result is that now people are pushing for something that prioritizes "jobs."

And now people like you are opposed because it's socialism. The truth is that some people will ALWAYS oppose anything that hurts the fossil fuel industry and will find excuses to oppose it no matter what.

U.S. emissions have declined three years in a row. (Sounds like the capitalist approach might be working?) But by all means, instead of going after countries whose emissions are actually increasing, let's instead implement one of the most murderous political philosophies of all time. If these politicians were serious about addressing the issue, they wouldn't tie it to such a controversial measure.

This issue is urgent and no, we aren't doing enough here to avert disaster. And we need to do more at home WHILE we do more abroad -- we cannot use that as an excuse for inaction.



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