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Show HN: Crudcast – Create and Deploy a RESTful API with a Few Lines of YAML
2 points by chris140957 45 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite
I just created this simple library for creating a RESTful API from a yaml file with just a few lines of text: https://github.com/chris104957/crudcast

As a full stack developer, I regularly need to build simple REST APIs quickly in order to build a web app prototype. This library allows me to do this with just a few lines of code, and I am sharing it here in case its of use to anybody else.

Effectively, this library turns a yaml file into a Flask RESTful API and implements documentation via swagger.

It's very basic right now, and still not yet documented, but I'm planning to add additional feature such as user management, permissions and the ability to insert your own code.

Thanks, Chris

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