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It's at least a little bit promising that the reaction to the CRISPR baby has been resoundingly negative. From the technical errors pointed out by scientists in this case, to the visceral reaction to the idea of "designer babies" to most regular citizens.

Of course, we have some short-sighted scientists who only care about their own work and not the long-term implications, like He himself and Church, but the actions and words of these two were roundly condemned.

Hopefully this buys us enough time to see the real long-term implications of starting a Phenotypic Revolution[1], and we can get some world-wide consensus to stop gene-editing in humans.

[1] https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1729861563/

To me, the reaction has been thoroughly disappointing. Genetic editing of humans could be the most beneficial medical intervention ever discovered, but almost everyone respectable is calling for a total ban on the technique, ostensibly on the grounds that we lack the precision to do it right. But the real reason, if you read between the lines, is an unfounded and tragic fear of enhancing human capabilities. I reject this mindset. We can and should make better people.

Just like the splitting of the atom was beneficial: its a double edged sword that we have no idea how to wield. I do not want am arms race in which the wealthy augment themselves while the rest are left to suffer. That's already a problem given how much medical care is unavailable to even the middle class.

You’re ignoring the inevitability of a Phenotypic Revolution if we go down that path. Please read the book so you can get an understanding of what’s at stake.

It was just released a couple of days ago, but it’s an update to our understanding on the origins and evolution of life forms. If you read it now you can be on the leading edge of these conversations before it hits the mainstream.

Why should I be horrified by the "phenotypic revolution"?

Do you find humanity worthwhile? If you do, then you should be concerned about starting a process that will lead to the end of humanity.

Just because we are able to split an atom doesn't mean we should end the world through nuclear weapons. Just because we can genetically modify humans doesn't mean we should end DNA-based life on earth through a phenotypic revolution.

It wouldn't be as immediate (likely thousands of years at the shortest), but genetic modifying of humans could start us down the irreversible path within the next 10-50 years. I encourage you to read the book, since it gives the entire overview of the updated hypothesis. It's not a sci-fi novel, just a Biology book with a warning.

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