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> Using pyproject.toml just requires a recent version of pip. Which CI tools can't handle that?

The most used one in the world: https://github.com/travis-ci/dpl/issues/822

Also the last time I used tox, anything complex didn't work either.

> Even if you call those edge cases, do you think a PEP that turned edge cases into silent errors would be approved?

Well the current PEP decided to turn a packaging situation that was stable into one that was not, again, after 15 years of mess with many versions of things. So you tell me.

Check the usage stats I posted in an other comment to see the problem.

Besides, yes, we do make compromise on best practices to allow peaceful transition all the time in Python. `async/await` allowing to be a variable silently. Non utf8 defaut encoding argument in open() in windows. Then... we fix it later.

Because I think you conveniently skip a lot of things I wrote in my comments. I clearly state that we would and should consider setup.cfg as a version 1 of the format. Then we would increment on that. I gave a detailed procedure on one way to do that, and there are others.

The point is, all your concerned can be addressed with a progressive transition, starting from setup.cfg. Actually we could even end up with a toml format in setup.cfg, __on the long run__, that matches exactly the current one.

While you addressed non of ours concerns. Just reject them. No will to even recognize there is a problem. It's insulting, really.

We did that during the 2/3 transition. Didn't work so well, did it ?

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