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Recollections of Early Chip Development at Intel (2001) [pdf] (tu-sofia.bg)
44 points by Aloha 4 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 2 comments

Page 6, second paragraph:

The circuit size was limited by computing constraints such as memory. Another equally important size limit was the mean time to the computer crashing, which happened as often as every 15 minutes. If the computer went down, we lost the whole run. This also applied to file editing. There were no auto-backup files. We learned by brutal experience to save our work frequently.

Wow. When we look at what those before us have done, there can be a tendency to cast a dismissive eye to the shortcomings of the final design. Yes, but look what they had to go through to get as far as they did.

Yea we can look back and be thankful to those that made possible to have nowadays an Electron hello world app with 115MB memory footprint :-)

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