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That answer is a bit outdated because we open-sourced one of the core pieces of our infra: Prybar https://github.com/replit/prybar

We'll be open-sourcing some more. As for how Multiplayer is implemented, we'll be doing a blogpost on it soon.


Sorry to be the license police, but I think that the attribution for embedding another project like that is a little unfair to the original authors, especially since this project is the more restrictive GPL 2.0.


"The fourth paragraph says that the copyright notice in the second paragraph must be reproduced. Users of the license [sic] substitute the [fullname] with their actual name. That is what constitutes "proper attribution" in the mind of the MIT: every user of the software can find out who wrote it if they want to."

Thanks -- I'll make sure to let the team know to fix it.

Is it CRDT?

It's OT right now. But we're looking at CRDT too.

Check out y.js


All the examples are synched

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