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I'd give bunches of money for a 17", 4k laptop with a great keyboard AND NO numberpad.

System76's come close, except for that pesky numberpad.

I work from home, portability isn't my top priority. I wouldn't mind a heavier laptop with a very thick base sitting on my lap because I use a laptop tray which prevents the heat from burning my legs. Otherwise I'm at my desk with the laptop on a vertical holder.

I do hate numberpad because I would never use it and it moves the touchpad to left of center.

> it moves the touchpad to left of center

What is it with PC laptops and off-centered trackpads and keyboards? I center center sit centered to the trackpad and look right, or sit centered to the screen and they awkwardly type to the left.

It depends on the point of view. Those off center trackpads are in fact positioned in the center in relation to the keyboard (without numpad) which make sense because when you are typing you have access to it with your thumbs and, because it's in the center, it's away from your palms, so it minimize possibility of accidental use when you're typing without using any sophisticated software solution. It may look stupid when you look at it but it's not so stupid when you start using it.

You missed the point. The point is, both the keyboard and trackpad aren't centered. Now you have two options:

1. Position yourself in the center of the keyboard and type straight -> This forces you to turn your head/eyes to see the middle of the screen.

2. Position yourself in the center of your screen and look straight -> This forces you to put your hands to the left.

Both are very awkward. A keyboard needs to be centered in front of the PC. Numpads screw that up.

It's an ergonomics nightmare. You use the keyboard infinitely more than you use that trackpad and a good, solid keyboard is the only advantage of using a laptop over a tablet these days. It makes no sense to compromise the primary functionality of the laptop for something that rarely gets used.

This. A non-centered keyboard, a non-centered trackpad and the lack of trackpad buttons makes this a no go for me.

Try a Dell XPS 15 9570. 15” but 4K. No number pad. I really like mine.

That or the Dell Precision 5520 or 5530. Just got one this week and it's so nice to have a 0.75" thick laptop that still has space for 32GB of RAM, two hard drives, discrete graphics and a Xeon processor. Not to mention the very nice 4k display.

This is what I ended up purchasing.

Both the 14" [0] and 13.3" [1] LG Gram models come without a number pad.

I only know this because my Uncle bought the LG Gram 17 specifically because it has a number pad! In his defense, he's a finance person and it makes the kind of work he does easier.

[0] https://www.lg.com/us/laptops/lg-14Z980-AAAS7U1-ultra-slim-l...

[1] https://www.lg.com/us/laptops/lg-13Z980-AAAS7U1-ultra-slim-l...

Where did your uncle buy it? Because it's not available yet in US.

interesting. i avoid most laptops because they DONT have number pads :)

likewise. I just looked over at mine lovingly.

I think the closest tenkeyless laptop to that is the newer ThinkPad X1 Extreme models. 15", all the high end goodies, pretty much best keyboard by far of any laptop - with no numpad.

Ideally I would love a 17" version with desktop standard tenkeyless layout, with track point, too. Having special proprietary layouts for laptop systems is abhorrent.

The trackpad is a little off center on this laptop, it looks like. Maybe 1cm? Could you really tell?

The trackpad is centered, keyboard is not.

Both are not centered

And the numberpad is really close to the main keys even when they have lots of space to separate them - or move the numpad to the right. Just because, since Apple, design is more important than actual functionality.

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