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This is the sort of scope creep that stops good things from happening. Sure, a full api for password changes sounds great. But why is that related to this project at all?

This project is something that will take approximately 5 minutes to implement, and probably not much more to design the "spec" in the first place. and as is, it does something worthwhile. A huge complex project in a related area isn't a replacement or an alternative, just a tangentially related thing that should have no bearing on this project. A .well-known url for password changes can provide real benefit for real people now, even though it doesn't do everything.

I'm very sympathetic to creating a password change API, but having a button that takes me straight there would certainly save my time and make me dread the process a lot less.

Next on that list would be "update my payment methods". Of course websites love complicating our lives by hiding it in multiple different places, so that may be of limited utility.

Just to be clear: I think this is a good project.

I also have taken 5 minutes to implement it in a system that I'm responsible for already.

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