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The one that Apple's browsers request on every domain isn't even in the list:


That's the only .well-known request we have in our logs from the last year or more. Seems to be looking for an app associated with our site.

Aside from that, I don't know anyone or anything else using .well-known. Seems to be an Apple thing.

WebFinger, a key underlying tech of the Fediverse and used for bootstrapping OpenID Connect, ActivityPub, and many other standards uses .well-known.


I think LetsEncrypt uses it, no?

Yes, /.well-known/acme-challenge is used by LetsEncrypt.

Yes, also Keybase.

Yes, also OpenID Connect.

sadly only for discovery. but it would be great if oauth/openid connect would actually use .well-known/authorize, etc. instead each provider has it's own sauce.

The discussion was about specs/standards for .Well-Known. I pointed out that Apple's isn't in the list.

In that context I don't follow why you think linking to Apple's development guide helps clarify anything? It still isn't a specified standard, and still isn't on the list of them.

You stated you were unsure what it was. The link clarifies that.

And it is a specified standard: the link is the specification. It's not a standard developed by a multi-stakeholder standards organization, but there are other kinds of standards, too.

It really has no utility outside of Apple's app ecosystem, so why would you want it to become a standard?

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