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Hivemind-Technologies | Scala Developer | Cologne, Germany | ONSITE or REMOTE (EU/EEA only)



You can also write me a private message if you have any questions. :)

About us:

Hivemind Technologies specializes in the development of high-performance and scalable big data systems. We help our customers gain more from their data and advise them how to use state-of-the-art technology to process, store and analyze their data.

We are a small team of skilled Scala developers which like to write pure functional and clean Scala code. We are working mostly fullstack with little frontend but quite a bit of DevOps. Our stack includes a lot of OSS, including Jenkins, Spark, git, kafka, elasticsearch and libraries including cats, circe, monix, fs2, akka streams, http4s and shapeless. We make heavily use of AWS and cloud computing.

We are nice work with, we have flexible working times and embrace remote work. We also sponsor visits to conferences and are offering free coffee and fruits in the office.

Remote work is possible for all EU / EEA nationals or when having permission to work in EU / EEA and live in one of these timezones: GMT, CET or EET. (No Visa sponsorship)

Also visit our website for a more detailed job description:


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