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AI Gets $100M Bid from Qualcomm (eetimes.com)
49 points by rbanffy 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 9 comments

To me, it feel that the AI bubble is about to vent, at lest in China. Amazon's price to revenue ratio is peanuts in comparison to some Chinese "AI" companies with 10 digit valuations and nothing more than a fancy website.

Chinese stock markets are sagging hard, and the state will not jump to its rescue this time, moreover saving the obviously overvalued companies. That's pretty clear.

They had gigantic loans signed with their stock as collateral, and now, you see how that ended.

> Chinese "AI" companies with 10 digit valuations and nothing more than a fancy website.

That's one thing, but the hundreds (yes, hundreds, literally) AI-enabled chips and SoCs, from small and medium not-so-well-funded Chinese firms are real - most of them contains some RISC-V hard cores by the way.

Some of them will be bought by those fancy-valuated hype-enablers, and maybe even prove their initial valuation at the end.

The momentum is slowing on the basic research side, not as many outrageous improvements to benchmarks coming out these days. At the same time, a lot of non-trivial tasks are close to being automated using ML methods, including high-paying tasks in medical, legal, security, etc. So if those revenue streams can be captured, that would account for these valuations and then some.

As for P/S ratios, a lot of tech startups (in various fields) have zero revenue, which makes the ratio infinite, so I'm not sure that says very much.

I’m curious to know which tasks specificly are close to being automated?

Also, are there any AI applications which have already generated a large amount of revenue?

The tracking of everybody all the time is close to be automated.

Well... that’s great. But also doesn’t really require much in terms of advances in AI? Unless you’re saying this is coming from advances in face recognition?

It depends on how you define 'advances', https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=18629063

I'd like to see some serious competitor for NVidia on the desktop/server segments.


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