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Ask HN: Is there a repository of “green” tech firms?
8 points by a_smedegaard 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments
Warning, there will be opinions in the text that follows

Climate-change skeptics please disregard this post.

As far as I see it, there is one problem in the world that shadows all other problems: climate change.

I'd like to put my programming skills to good use, meaning trying to chip away at that exact problem. But the problem is huge and there is a million angles you could (should) address it.


Is there a list or repository over companies that work towards reducing the harm we are causing by emitting CO_2? Or maybe a place where people with great ideas can get in contact with people who have skills they need to make their a into reality?

> As far as I see it, there is one problem in the world that shadows all other problems: climate change.

This problem certainly tops in the media, but I think this always conveniently omits what are the root causes of climate change: the fact that we have broken economic systems that preach unlimited growth and are effectively wealth inequality creating pyramid schemes.

I guess in a couple of years the dominating news will be collapsing ecosystems and wars, if we don't address root causes.

PS. Sorry, I do not have a list of companies for you.

This is exactly on point. The whole thing is that to "win" the game, countries need to grow and keep growing. If we found a way to change the paradigm and incentivize sustainability instead, then it would better. Imagine like a blockchain contract between countries where the "spoils" of economic activity were split between them with regard to how efficient and sustainable their economies were. GDP -> GDS - Gross Domestic Sustainability

True. But I see no way to influence that with tech. That's a HUGE political task.

Ground up approaches can also have a large impact. There are quite a few citizen science projects that indirectly influence ecology. Bug hunts, bird migration data. It's a terrific way to gain a foot hold, and see direct impacts of the anthropocene era ;)


Thanks for the reply

You could browse through TechCrunch's "cleantech" tag for interesting companies breaking news in the space. https://techcrunch.com/tag/cleantech/

Thanks for that. I'll try that.

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