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Open sourcing node-publisher (medium.com)
16 points by ilkkao 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Adding another tool/process has associated costs. What are the benefits of node-publisher that outweigh just using travis CI or whatnot?

Releasing a new version of a package usually happens from the developer's terminal and it's a manual process, prone to human error. The tool just automates what otherwise would be done manually.

Hmm yeah that's true. Unlike CI this is manual. But other than that this looks a whole lot like CI. Do we need to improve tooling for publishing a CI pipeline and allowing it's invocation, with arguments, on the command line?

I'm not quite sure if I understand your question completely. The tool should not be used to trigger a CI pipeline. The idea behind node-publisher was to prevent broken packages being published. A CI helps us in the prevention of these errors before a branch is merged into master. Node-publisher helps with the last mile in those cases where the publishing itself is more complicated than just calling `yarn publish patch` or similar.

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