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Ask HN: Life cycle of a company?
6 points by mr_puzzled 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment
So let's stay I start a startup, grow and manage to take it public, what happens next? Is the company expected to keep growing indefinitely? What happens if growth is stagnant, but the company is profitable?

I also hear about the mid-life and late stage of companies. Can you explain what these terms mean and how being in these stages affects the company?

Are there any good examples of publicly traded companies which have lasted a long time (more than a few decades) with minimal impact of the "we have to keep growing" mindset?

Finally, what are the pros and cons of being private without vc funding and being a public company?

An IPO is simply a funding event. A unique, extraordinarily rigorous one, but a funding event nonetheless. The funds are raised for a purpose. The goals are usually laid out in the prospectus the company puts together for the public.

And IPO is nothing more and nothing less. It is a point in the overall journey, but the journalistic myopia around it makes it seem like some kind of end in and of itself. It is not.

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