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Show HN: Open Source Multi Service Mesh Orch (lstio, AppMesh, Consul & Linkerd) (medium.com)
16 points by ilevine 72 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Glad to see this as an open source project so the community can contribute. Working in the DevOps space for a few years I consistently see the challenge organizations of all sizes have in different architectures being used, systems, tools and methodology. Going all in for companies in any of these areas is tough and sometimes paralyzing. So to see a solution that allows companies to transition/migrate on their own time and pace while continuing to deliver value quickly to their end users, without the overwhelming cost (business and opportunity) is a great option we now all have.

This is going to be really important with all service mesh around.

Cool project, I can imagine how many people would find this immensely useful

supergloo is a great first step for understanding any of the current service mesh solutions. try it out if you're weighing your service mesh options right now, or even if you're already settled on a single solution.

being able to try out multiple different solutions is especially useful considering how fast the service mesh ecosystem seems to be growing


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