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Show HN: Offline HN with comments and authors ranked, for plane/train journeys (hnify.com)
8 points by vinnyglennon 73 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 18 comments

Useful for tunnel part of commutes - a little annoying to have to remember to update, assume its a PoC for an app? something like the Economist's Espresso?

Be handy to have to hand when the wifi cuts out on the train as a distraction

Thanks, The website will check if there is a updated version, and only then will the reload button appear. It works by checking https://hnify.com/caching.manifest regularly whose timestamp I change when I update the content.

This looks really useful for commutes.

Will be trying this one out tomorrow I think.

The comments look a bit weird though. Don't fit the look/feel of the rest. Love how the articles are embedded though.

Did you get to use it? :)

Comments now threadable as well. If there was an historial discussion on the story, links to all the previous discussions will appear just above the comments too.

Love this, will use for the underground commutes.

Would like to see the stories numbered struggling to sperate the stories.

Also maybe a way to turn the snipits of?

nice. looks better than other efforts i have seen.

i don't see a way to access the actual hn comment page of articles though.

Thanks. Anything that would make it more useful for you? In the comments section, just click on the timestamp(about 4 hours ago for example), which will bring you straight to the news.ycombinator.com comment thread.

this only works if there are comments.

on an article without any comments, there doesn't seem to be a link to the comment page.

at the top, just below the headline of the article, an additional link to the original comment page would be useful.

i was kind of expeciting a link that would go directly to the original comment page, as an alternative to the cached comment section, so that i can choose between opening the cached comments or going directly to the live ones

Is having each hnify comment linkable in timestamp is an okay solution for now?

see above. it doesn't work if there are no comments

You can also see your historial posting position: https://hnify.com/leaderboard.html#em-bee

Nice work.

Anything I could do to make it more useful to you? I had full audio transcripts there, but removed it when I realised I never used them.

I would love it if you added the Show HN section as well as that's one of my favourite parts of Hacker News.

Great suggestion. It now shows front_page/ShowHN with over 5 points from last 2 days. You can also see your historial posting position: https://hnify.com/leaderboard.html#Fudgel

Awesome, thanks!

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