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Show HN: Matter
8 points by bretthellman 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 10 comments
After a year in closed beta sweating the details, we’re excited to share Matter with everyone.

We believe: 1. Peer feedback is the silver bullet to reaching your aspirations. 2. People perform better when they hear monthly peer feedback (proven by science too!). 3. Everyone deserves the opportunity to achieve mastery, learn, grow, and be respected by their peers.

Matter makes feedback easier, pleasant, and more productive. A couple customer quotes:

"The app is amazing. Everything about it, from the interface to the way in which I am able to send and receive feedback is amazing." - Product Manager at Dribbble

"Matter is an empathetic experience which directly speaks to your heart, connecting yourself to your peers and driving betterment." - Designer at Adobe

"As knowledge workers, we are paid to use our brains. We spend too little time improving how our brains work. Matter is an incredibly powerful way to grow your skills." - Product Leader at Airbnb

We hope you'll try Matter and share your feedback -> https://matterapp.com

I've spent about 10 minutes reading this post and the marketing website and I am still not really sure what this does, except that it's an "empathetic experience".

The animation that shows the app is so fast that I can't read the text and don't understand what's going on.

The value proposition is very abstract. "Discover your strengths" or "Feel amazing at work" doesn't really tell me what to expect.

All I can do on the page is sign up with my email address, but I'm not convinced enough to risk getting another drip email campaign for a product I don't think I need.

Maybe I'm just not your target audience.

Seconding this, I have no idea what this is for.

Where is all the text?? This doesn't work in either Firefox or Chrome, only the background images show up. You may want to take a close look at that. FYI. My Firefox has tracking protection and Chrome is free from any AdBlocking extension.

@egfx what version of FF and Chrome are you using?

I tried this on multiple computers and Chrome is self updating, so latest. On the other hand iPad, Chrome and Safari works. Just a guess, but I think this has to do with login state.

Hi everyone! This is Kerem Kazan ( @MechanicalKazan), founding engineer @Matter_HQ. I’m here to shed some light on questions coming from the engineers among you. Here's a brief overview of how we built Matter:

Matter is a web app, written in NodeJS. For about 50% of our app, we use ES6 and compile it down via Babel. The more recent parts of our app is written in TypeScript, and we are in the process of migrating the rest to TypeScript as well. We also depend heavily on eslint & tslint for a consistent code style. We have a fairly large code base, with 9 standalone packages that together comprise Matter. We use yarn workspaces to orchestrate how these packages depend on each other.

If I had to break down our app into its most fundamental parts, we’d have 4 sections:

a) @matterapp/matter-ui: Our frontend component library. Written in React, developed with Storybook. We use styled-components along with grid-styled to manage our css.

b) @matterapp/web-client: Our web app’s frontend code. At its core, it’s a create-react-app project. It combines and composes the components in @matterapp/matter-ui. We use Redux for local state management, and Redux-form for our forms. We use Recompose for maintaining our higher order components. Also, ReactRouter for client-side routing. For remote state management, we use apollo-client. All of our user-facing api is written in GraphQL, (and yes, it’s been amazing). We use CypressJS for automated end-to-end testing of our entire app.

c) @matterapp/graphql-server: Our web app’s user facing api server. At the bottom of the stack, we have Koa. Our Koa server connects to our MariaDB sql database via KnexJS & Objection. We’re in the process of picking another ORM, (something more typescript friendly). We’ll either go with TypeORM or Sequelize-Typescript. Our server has one endpoint for user-facing api calls, and that’s our GraphQL endpoint. Because Matter needs a bunch of 3rd party integrations, we also use Grant for OAuth solutions. Authentication is handled via the beloved jsonwebtoken library.

d) @matterapp/lambdas: Our background jobs system. We use serverless-framework to interface with aws. This coebase is written purely in TypeScript. The users never directly invoke calls on this part of our stack. This is strictly for background jobs like batch processes or cron jobs. Usually, our graphql-server puts something to an SQS queue, and the lambdas pick it up. Sometimes the graphql-server sends direct api-calls via api-gateway. We use inversify-js on our lambdas for inversion of control.

So, there you have it :) A brief overview of Matter’s tech stack. Let us know what you think. Feel free to give some feedback, ask questions, or provide criticism. Looking forward to learning from you!

You might want to check website with uBlock open, nothing able to initialize hence only blank page displayed.

thanks for the feedback onur. i just installed the uBlock chrome extension, and i could not reproduce the blank screen. Could it be another extension that you are using? Device/browser details would be appreciated as well. thank you!

I am seeing an empty screen in Brave Browser.

What’s the app do?

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