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I guess I'm in the minority but I thought it was excellently written and very funny.

I don't think you are. It is exceptionally well written and full of wit. Not all articles have to be like this, but in this case, this works and works wonderfully.

> I am not 10 feet tall and 22, but I am a tiny hyperactive white woman with weird hair and poor boundaries, so I revert to an old standby and start serving full manic pixie dream girl. It’s not exactly an act. I’m a terrible actor. It’s just about dialing up the parts of my personality that men tend to find most delightful, giggling a bit more, scratching my arse a bit less, and hoping nobody Googles me. It helps that I don’t have to fake ignorance of the crypto-scene drama. I only have to pretend to care.

Integrity and professionalism bordering on zero.

> Integrity and professionalism bordering on zero.

Absolutely not. You are considering she's there as a journalist to produce and informative piece of news. She's there as a writer to produce a feature about how does it feel to be in one of these cruises.

By your standards, all gonzo journalism or, for that matter, any piece of new journalism is unprofessional. That is just plain absurd. The reader knows she is writing from a personal point of view and should be capable to understand what that means in the context of the experience.

I'm going to flag all "gonzo journalism" submissions in the future. HN isn't a cheap tabloid aggregator.

There's something positive to be said for intellectual honesty--if not on the cruise ship, in the writeup.

Just the fact that she mentioned Extras bring criminally underrated goes a long way in my credibility checklist :)

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