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Chrome Developer Tools – Easy Web Debugging You Need to Know (dirkstrauss.com)
19 points by dirkstrauss 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 13 comments

Another extremely useful feature is Network latency modifier. You should always test every website on at least a 3G connection, and make sure users can see important parts of your site in reasonable time.

For advanced users, you should NEVER use the Network latency modifier in Chrome, and use something like Network Link Conditioner on Mac. This is because Chrome applies the modifier after all the packets have arrived normally at the client, so testing things like HTTP/2 resource prioritisation becomes a problem.

Do you know if Firefox's Network Throttling feature works the same as Chrome's?

Sorry but I don't know. If you need to be certain, don't use it.

You can you Fiddler on Windows. Ensure to enable streaming mode in Fiddler as well.

hey @dirkstrauss The leading image in the article is an unnecessarily huge 22 megabytes png image that can be resized and converted to jpeg without any noticeable loss of quality.

The right kinda guy you want to hire as webdeveloper

Good thing there was the developer tool to change the URL of those images showing off the actions. They were 22 pixels high making them impossible to understand.

Nothing new showed here. It's the same stuff which can done with firefox devtools for internet centuries. Just use Firefox because you don't want to have a Google bug watching you surfing ... don't you? ;)

Chrome’s ability to dig into frames when debugging web-sockets is something I haven’t seen in Firefox mind you.

I got another great tip for you if you are using Chrome Developer Tools: Click in the URL bar, type firefox.com enter and press the big Download Now button. You will feel less violated!

Wow great article. Didn't know we could do so much with Chrome Developer Tools.

very basic and available in Firefox too. heck, except the drag and drop (really...) all that is available since IE dev tools addon I guess (which started all that)

Seconded, this article only brings out the most basic functionality that's been available for a very, very long time in a number of browsers. Not really sure why it's on the frontpage.

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