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Ask HN: How can I convert a series of blog posts into an e-book?
10 points by tai_hn 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
I have some blog(not mine) that I want convert into e-books, but I could not find any tools for this. epub, mobi or pdf format would be great.

Pandoc[1] is the tool you need. Extremely simple to use, even more if you start with posts written in markdown, and you can generate any format known to man.

[1] https://pandoc.org/

I had a similar problem and I built this https://github.com/alexadam/save-as-ebook You can add web pages as chapters and it generates an .epub

I'm about to deploy a new version of eink.news.

We create a new ebook every few hours or days depending on the blog cadency.

It does exactly what you want although we just support HN and IH(indiehackers) for the moment.

You can contribute and create a new parser for the blogs you are interested in. The parsing modules are open source :)

I remember someone launching pg2epub.com here on HN. Maybe reach out to the guy who did it and see if he is willing to give out the code? I clip all of the good articles to Evernote (via their web-clipper) maybe you can do the same and then export it out to PDF. Hope this helps!

I dont know how much of this you want to do yourself, but i would copy the text into a docx file and convert that to mobi using e.g. calibre. Or are you looking to automate it? I'd probably use a python library for making epubs in that case.

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