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Ask HN: What's Your Companies Paternity Leave Policy? (Bay Area +)
23 points by sxates 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments
My company (Bay Area, public SaaS company) offers 8 weeks paid maternity (+ 16 week unpaid, protected), but only 1 week paid paternity.

This seems well below what friends who have had children received at other bay area tech companies. Curious to know where this fits on the region/industry bell curve.

Google: 12 weeks "baby bonding" accessible to either gender and also in cases of adoption. Take it within a year.

Also: birth mom's get ADDITIONAL medical time off, something like 6-8 weeks depending on delivery method, and another 4 weeks of pre-delivery time off.

Also: fully paid salary at 100% in all cases, including both health insurance AND vesting.

Earlier this year Recode compiled a list of parental leave policies from various tech companies: https://www.recode.net/2018/1/31/16944976/new-parents-tech-c...

I’m a freelancer now but at my previous company both genders get 26 weeks fully paid leave.

Asana: 16 weeks for either gender to be taken in the first year following birth or adoption. The leave can be split into two parts (e.g. 2+14, 8+8).

Full salary and benefits but vesting is paused.

Is paused vesting common? I've always assumed vesting continues while on leave.

AFAIK it's at least not unusual. It e.g. also pauses at Salesforce.

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