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Ask HN: What awesome stuff have you come across lately?
114 points by siruncledrew 77 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 42 comments
Digital, physical,.... metaphysical? Whatever it is, feel free to share it here.

I read about this guy who interviews World War II veterans and his goal is to interview/document as many of them as possible. Many of them may be dead soon and their memories and legacies will be lost and he is trying to preserve it all. The guy is in his 20s.



You think the creator would at least put a really obvious link to the youtube on his front page.

haha yea I realized that and hence I added the youtube link as well. He is still pretty young and I think he is doing an amazing job so I would cut him some slack :)

I've been acquiring some early, 19th century British Printed Patents and using the very large flatbed scanner at the Cleveland Public Library to scan in the giant drawings. Ex: https://aaronnewcomer.smugmug.com/Cartridges/Pinfire-Manufac...

Do you know wow were these technical drawings made? It's hard to imagine nowadays.


I am not an expert on this, but, if my understanding is correct, They would get the original drawings from the patentee's manuscript and redraw them using a Lithographic method.

This method is basically drawing it on metal/stone plate with a wax and then douse an acid over the plate which would essentially make a reverse-etching of the drawing. They then wash off the wax and have the drawing raised in relation to the rest of the plate.

Also these particular ones are neat because these really early ones are actually a linen paper. Some of the slightly later ones I have are regular paper.

That is a very cool thing to do.

Yeah. I collect the actual items talked about in them and having these just makes a neat extra element to a display or something.

https://weboas.is/ is my most favorite new tab page replacement yet. the jank just adds to the cyberpunk feel

Nice find. I'd love to just get the matrix background to put on my default browser home page.

This guys retro futurist artwork: https://www.simonstalenhag.se/

I've been a fan for some time. It's really great work.

Reminds me of the board game 'Scythe'

This is so awesome! Thank You.

A science paper on a potential molecular mechanism for age-related memory loss: RbAp48 Protein Is a Critical Component of GPR158/OCN Signaling and Ameliorates Age-Related Memory Loss


3Blue1Brown and 2 Minute Papers YouTube channels. Very high signal-to-noise ratio on these.

John Michael Godier is a futurist and scifi author. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCEszlI8-W79IsU8LSAiRbDg

He also has a podcast called Event Horizon. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz3qvETKooktNgCvvheuQDw

I had never realized how little I know about the RFID tech that I use every day to get into my building. A little Googling and it seems there's quite a bit to learn...


The Elm web programming language / framework / ecosystem.

What I like:

Pure functional programming - easy to reason about what any piece of code is doing. Works like Lego.

Complete statements. No null reference exceptions. Actually no exceptions at all. Everything is checked at compile time.

Excellent compiler errors. The most helpful I've seen.

Culture of beginner friendliness. So packages have good documentation. Getting started is "elm init". Works well on Windows too. Even had an MSI installer, as well as an npm one.

Seems to produce performing code.

The Elm Architecture which is like React but much better because you don't have to think about immutability. You cannot mutate a reference to begin with. Mutation means new reference in Elm.


This webtool to make aftereffects like animation

Not lately but I've found this site really enjoyable. It's fascinating the weird stuff that was being engineered a hundred years ago; its essentially the rapid startup culture of today but with steam.



Can you tell me more about the 10th century 7 point mind training

It's not about enhancing memory or attention, although it might be a side-effect. Meditation is better for that. Lojong is a Mahayana Buddhist practice aimed to re-orient your basic outlook, intentions and attitudes in life and prepare you. It consists of 59 aphorisms which are attitudes in themselves with various explanations spanning pages throughout the centuries (like bible verses). They are grouped in 7 categories or factors. A few of them you probably know already.

Slogan 13. Be grateful to everyone. Slogan 22. If you can practice even when distracted, you are well trained. Slogan 29. Abandon poisonous food. Slogan 35. Don't try to be the fastest -- Don't compete with others. Slogan 36. Don't act with a twist -- Do good deeds without scheming about benefiting yourself. Slogan 37. Don't turn gods into demons -- Don't use these slogans or your spirituality to increase your self-absorption Slogan 56. Don't wallow in self-pity. Slogan 57. Don't be jealous. Slogan 59. Don't expect applause. etc.

Supposedly it took the one writing it down more then a decade to master them all. You can read more about them in the links I provided or the wikipedia. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lojong



say more please

I wrote some things that made me reconsider keto diet here https://github.com/qnsi/open_source_guides/blob/master/ketos...

I think if your goal is rapid weight loss it might work fine, but I think for long-term more vegetarian diet might be better.

Although I find keto impossible to stick to, I think most of the problems are from the kinds of foods people eat instead of the macro nutrients.

Red meat is generally not that good for you. Processed meat is basically packaged garbage.

If you do keto with mostly white meat, fish, nuts, and olive oil, combined with huge amount of veggies, you're probably going to be healthy.

What I see as the most critical is the long term lack of fruit. Fruit contain a lot of vitamins that you might lack on keto.

If you ask me paleo is probably the better diet, considering it forbids processed meat, grains and alcohol. It's basically keto as described above with fruit.

I recommend reading the book 'Ketotarian' by Dr. Will Cole. He is a ketogenic diet expert and combines ketogenic and vegetarian type foods

Interesting, thanks for that! I don't know anything about this and thought it was just a metabolism/energy thing. I didn't realize people were doing it for rapid weight loss.

Any suggestions on a weight loss diet other than keto? I've heard mostly praise about the diet, but personally I don't think I could go full vegetarian.

Please note that I am by no means an expert, just writing what works for me.

I think you pretty much have to do calories counting, at least at the start, until you get to know how much calorie something is. Probably not suitable for long-term, as it gets tedious. But good to cut on snacking etc. Don't overdo your calorie deficit, as it can slow your metabolism too much.

One thing that kinda works for me, is eating food high on satiety index.

I drink this smoothie everyday https://www.foundmyfitness.com/reports/micronutrient-smoothi..., but you have to drink it slowly and best to use a straw not to destroy your teeth. I prefer smoothie form because I wouldn't be able to eat that many greens otherwise. (Also numbers she gave is for 2 smoothies) It's about 500kcal and pretty satiating. Without fruits, you could fit it into keto just barely and you can skip the apple and banana, but I would stay with blueberries as they are super good food.

Apart from the smoothie, I eat some kind of meat + veggies for lunch, and I stick to the eggs for dinner + I finish my smoothie (I drink 2/3 for breakfast). So I am not following a vegetarian diet, but I added a lot of veggies.

I come from a vegetarian diet, 13 years. For me it became unsustainable and the weight was still a problem.

Polyethylene oxide, or PolyOx powder, used as the lubricant on shavers and also as an ingredient in cosmetics, relatively harmless. Not alkaline like soaps, good lubricant, gelling agent, kid's slime. Whip up a batch and add the wicks from flourescent yellow highlighters to soak out the dye, use a $10 UV-LED flashlight in a dark room.

UV-LED 100 LED flashlights from China, Alibaba like 1/3rd the price compared to Amazon, detect urine stains around toliet and pets on carpet, detect scorpions, detect fake money, underwater reefs light up like psychodelic when night diving, amaze your friends.

24 oz. CO2 Paintball tanks for $20, plus screw valve blaster kit for $20. Turn upside down and blast dry ice powder to freeze / cool off anything without dangerous flourocarbon related gases which can destroy the ozone layer. Cheaper than flourocarbons also at $4 a fill. We all breathe out CO2 every breath, so don't go off on me about adding CO2 to the atmosphere, it's a natural, just stop burning fossil fuels and plant more trees (or fertilize the oceans)

Ok you win the award for “Best Tangent Rant” for the CO2 bit at the end

I can’t think of anything I want to freeze that quickly?

BBC's "Life" documentary is absolutely mind-blowing. The footage they managed to get is unbelievable. It's on Netflix and I could not recommend it enough.

I watch them to fall asleep. At this point David Attenborough has become my Dad

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