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BackerKit (YC S12) is looking for software developers who love to pair
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Hi Hacker News,

I hope this finds you well - I’ll be brief; I’m the co-founder at BackerKit, and our product here is growing like crazy. I’m looking for a few more folks who LOVE to pair to round out my dream dev team.

About us; we make software to help creators (think folks on Kickstarter and Patreon) make things their fans love.

I personally come from a background of Pair Programming (brainwashed at Pivotal Labs), weekly sprints, TDD, and am looking to recreate that magic here at BackerKit. Since we are profitable already, my goal is to build a high functioning, tight-knit, sustainable agile team. I'm looking for 2-3 folks, so if you have a pair you love working with, I'd love to chat with both of you!

My main goals are 1) Find folks that I love working with every day 2) who love pairing 3) who are excited to work on well-tested Rails app that has thousands of happy customers with millions of users.

Does this speak to you? Or does it sound like someone you know?

If so, drop me a note, maxwell AT backerkit DOT com, I'd love chat!

@maxwellsalz https://github.com/maxwell

P.S. more about us here: https://www.keyvalues.com/backerkit

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