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Show HN: GetRichQuick – A free ICO generator (betoken.fund)
13 points by gpalayer 3 months ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

Why does it convert everything to DAI and not let people pay with DAI? Seems really backwards:

“hey here are these 42 tokens we accept but no stablecoins

Although we convert to a stablecoin”

That actually does make this funnier, since it even accepts Maker, which is the governance token for DAI, but no DAI

Looking forward to seeing how much gas this uses, this might be more fully featured than the OpenZeppelin contract

It does support DAI payment, maybe you missed it in the dropdown? It's between Chainlink & Substratum :) TUSD is also supported I think

Inappropriate market timing ;)

Indeed. I think the general consensus is that ICO's are dead in light of the current securities requirements.

Which makes it a good time to start poking fun at ICOs, which is what GetRichQuick is doing, right?

I thought it was going to make me rich with a 32x32 icon. :(

Exactly, time to use the word "ICO" for what it was initially intended for. Good old icons, but only bitmap and no larger than 256x256 pixels.

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