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I'm an FBA seller doing mid 7 figures, it's certainly possible to be successful here and I have a lot of peers that are also pulling in multi 7 figures. The problem I see most beginners entering the business is that they're reading too many forums and watching too many Youtube videos thinking that there's a get rich quick scheme here. Let me tell you that there isn't.

Here's the secret, treat FBA like you would any other business - that means focusing on competitive advantages, barriers to entry, customer acquisition strategy, and other general business model type stuff.

For example, one of our best selling products took 2 years to develop, over $150k in R&D expenses, multiple patents and thousands in marketing to build the brand. It's currently making millions, but the road to get there certainly wasn't easy and it certainly wasn't "Off the shelf". No one talks about that stuff though because it's not sexy, it's just like any other business, you really have to put in the effort and think about what you're doing to get anywhere - or else like multiple comments have already said, the Chinese sellers will just totally crowd you out. And why shouldn't they? You have nothing special going on.

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