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JITX is hiring an algorithmic software engineer
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The vision of JITX (YCS18) is to fully automate hardware design to advance science and the welfare of humanity. Our first step is to automate circuit board design. We are a profitable seed-stage startup, backed by Y Combinator and Sequoia.

We are looking for a brilliant algorithmics software engineer. You will be working together with a world-class team of electrical and software engineers to tackle real-world algorithmics problems. The ideal candidate is a creative problem-solver and excellent programmer, capable of breaking down a large complex problem into approachable sub-problems and writing high-quality code to solve each one.

Ideal qualifications:

- Experience designing algorithms to solve real-world problems

- Knowledge of advanced data structures, graph algorithms, solid geometry algorithms

- Experience with problem formulation using SAT/SMT/LP solvers, as numerical optimization (e.g. conjugate gradients, Lagrange multipliers), and as machine learning tasks

- Experience with programming language implementation (e.g. abstract syntax trees, intermediate representations)

- Writes clear, well-organized, maintainable, and efficient code

Here are some examples of algorithms that you'll be working on:

- Routing-aware placement algorithms

- Pattern recognition and automatic generation of human-readable schematics

- Massive design space exploration for cost, area, and power

- Cost-function approximation and learning heuristics for expensive objective functions

- Electrical and manufacturing verification and validation

We’re building the tool engineers have wanted for a long time. Come help us do it.

Apply here: workwithus@jitx.com

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