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DragonFly BSD, version 5.4, has been released (dragonflybsd.org)
50 points by rudolfwinestock 8 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 6 comments

I'd like to see DragonflyBSD and the like are supported on cloud. Maybe it'll help more adoption.

agreed. it would be particulary nice if DragonFly can be provisioned,optionally, as an underlying OS for Postgres, and for general file servers.

I, for one, am, slowly studying/investigating if Hammer2 can be used to store and serve (with random access) billions of files (media), instead of using more purpose build' distributed file systems.

Very nice. I've been playing with DF in a virtual machine over the past week and it seems very nice - although I think the Hammer2 command could be more useful.

HAMMER2 is quite undocumented in comparison to HAMMER 1. Give it some time, it's in the early stages still.

Hammer2 is interesting. I'm curious about your experience.

Anybody using Hammer2 in production?

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