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Show HN: Shorten your strings using common abbreviations (github.com)
25 points by dnnrly on Dec 2, 2018 | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

Could have just named it "brev" as in brevity

alias brev=abbreviate

I love little programs that just focus on some one thing. Thank you for sharing it. I'm more interested in reading the code than using it, which I hope is cool.

Oh the irony in a tool with a name that is pretty long as far as commandline tool names go, that abbreviates strings.

I just submitted a small pull request to fix a few typos in the CLI. Neat tool!

Thanks - that's much appreciated!

I like it! Since you wrote it in Go, it would be nice to also add a flag to export the result in camelCase, for easier variable naming :P

It should already support that. If it doesn't then please feel free to create an issue or even raise a PR. :)

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