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I assume, if successful, he will be able to expand to tens of product categories and get volumes into the thousands or tens of thousands, and then his 'hourly rate' could end up looking better.

Most chinese suppliers are very willing to make changes to the product too, so it's quite possible to make some small design tweaks to improve the quality of the product (I always rewrite all the instruction manuals to be real english, and sometimes add weights to plastic items so they don't feel 'cheap'). That can give your product an edge over competitors with minimal effort.

"add weights to plastic items"


It turns out that density is a big bit of what makes you think a product is high quality.

Take an iPhone for example - it's more dense than pretty much any other phone out there.

People say they want light stuff, but they actually buy thin but dense stuff.

Have you ever opened an old phone earpiece, maybe as a kid? They contained a big slab of cut metal inside.

Weight, or more appropriately density, is a big part of how an object "feels" in your hands.

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